Linux Tutorials – become proficient in Linux. If you have any smart device in your home, you are using Linux. You probably didn’t even knew.

In the world of supercomputers, Linux is the favorite and default “go with” operating system. Therefore, at the moment, all supercomputers in the list are running a variant of Linux.

Do you run a web-server?

Are you a developer?

You should check Linux, it has all you need!

Are you a gamer?

Linux has gained more and more popularity in the Desktop world, and as a result, Linux could be a good choice there too, as more and more game producers are creating content for Linux. Because of this, Steam is now natively working in Linux and a huge number of games in Steam have been ported to Linux.

November 14, 2016

PHP LDAP notify on expiring passwords

Hello, Bellow is a script I put together to notify users via e-mail about their domain account password expiration. The script is set to: notify users […]
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